[Mastering] Thirteen13 - BLOOD







Thirteen13初のシングルリリース楽曲"BLOOD"をWax Alchemyにてマスタリング担当させて頂きました。楽曲、映像、演出、ファッションどれをとっても素晴らしい作品です!

--- Japanese ---

あーあ 基本的にはもめんのだるいし笑顔が1番



やっちゃった 死んじゃった まあいっか 中出し発射?はい却下


慈悲はない ずるなんてできないみんなお互いに裁きあい

酒のせいにすれば何でもあり 分かった分かったじゃあ酔っ払ったふり

ジャジャーン 罠にしっかり ヤリマンも羨むナメられっぷり




真っ赤っかな嘘 久しぶりだねどうしたの?

血の気のない青白い顔 怖がらないでこっち来なよ

近くに来なもっと 気にしたくないところだけど

私まだまだまだ子供 そんな器大きくないの

ああ神さま仏さま どちらさまでもかまわないんですが









Bloody bloody walls bloody bloody hand Bloody bloody red

has it hit yet that it’s you that’s dead?

bloody bloody red has it hit has it hit yet

shit bitch sorry it’s you that’s dead

--- English ---

aww shit, I’m really not about that life

and I don’t like to fight

I’ve been done being nice

but y’all apparently don’t like to play nice

I don’t nit pick my scale is big

never fought but it’s looking like I took the win

it’s been done, dead gone, guess it caught on

try not pulling out and your head will be gone

its the beginning, the beginning, the end is beginning

curtains open, hands clapping, everybody’s watching

mercy, there is none, the system is never flawed

it’s the ruthless game of everybody playing god

it’s not you fault though, right? it was alcohol

aaight, shit then, i can play drunk then!

tadaaa who’s laughing now?

you think I’m the slut, well who’s getting fucked now!




lies, lies, so many lies

long time no see, how’s it been b?

why the pale face, you look a little weak

it’s ok now come closer to me

come on then, just a little more

I’d really like to say I don’t care anymore

much to my dismay, i’m still so immature

unfortunately I can’t seem to let it go

oh please God, or Buddha, or whomever is on duty

will you please let them know kindly

that an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,

you simply cannot escape, not that easily

so many battles most unnecessary

fighting over love, dick, and pussy

I hate to disappoint, actually not really

only loaded up cause you fuck’d with my money

look, it’s in your best interest to get out my way

cause I really don’t mind wearing the bad guy cape

I need it in pen and paper I’m not scared to say

or you best believe I make a scene that you guys oh so hate!




bloody bloody walls bloody bloody hands bloody bloody red

has it hit yet that it’s you that’s dead?

bloody bloody red has it hit has it hit yet

shit bitch sorry it’s you that’s dead