Wax Alchemy Studio Equipment

Analogue Processor

・MASELEC MTC-1X Stereo Mastering Console

・MASELEC MDS-2 DeEsser / High Frequency Limiter

・MASELEC MEA-2 Precision Stereo Equalizer 

・MASELEC MLA-2 Precision 2-Channel Compressor 

・MASELEC MLA-4 Multiband Compressor

・Dangerous Music BAX EQ 


・Chandler Limited "Abbey Road" EMI TG12345 Curve Bender

・SUMMIT AUDIO EQF-100 Full Rage Equalizer "Sequential Pair"

・Bettermaker Mastering Limiter


Digital Processor

・Antelope Audio eclipse 384 Mastering AD/DA Converter

・Antelope Audio Pure 2 Mastering AD/DA Converter

・Antelope Audio 10M Rubidium Atomic Reference Generator


Monitor Speakers

・Focal Twin 6 be with Focal Sub 6

   with Acoustic Revive custom made RSS stand

 ・Yamaha NS10 Studio with MacIntosh MC162 Power Amplifier

   and Acoustic Revive custom made RSS stand

・Avantone Active MIXCUBES


Monitor Headphone

・Focal "Spirit Professional"

・SONY "MDR-900"



Cutting Lathe

・T560 Vinyl Recorder (Custom Signal & Custom RIAA)

   (Acoustic Revive PC Triple C/EX cable)

 with BRYSTON 4B SST Power Amplifier 

 ・M2Tech Joplin mk2 (Acoustic Revive Custom)

   with Acoustic Revive RBR-1




Studio Cables

・Acoustic Revive PC Triple-C


Power Supply

・Acoustic Revive RTP-6 absolute

・Sym Proceed SP-PZ8B


DTM System

・Wavelab Pro 9

・soundBlade HD

・ProTools 10,11,12

・Apple Logic Pro


Dubplates : 14-16days [日本郵便ゆうパック] / Mastering : 7days


Email  : cutting@waxalchemy.com


口座振込(三井住友銀行) / カード決済 by SQUARE / PayPal


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